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shipping weight

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What form is the shipping weight attribute?  I have 2lb.9oz. and it is wrong.

More specifically, where is the page where it gives these attribute forms?


I cannot find it. only info that it needs it



'Thanks Much,


Tom Zurn

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Re: shipping weight

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Hi Tom,


I think you are talking about merchant center feed attirbute here i.e. shipping weight attribute. As per my knowledge, this is specific to US and you can find the details around this attribute in this article:


Hope this helps!


Re: shipping weight

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Hi Tom,

You can specify weight in pounds or ounces, but not both. The weight could be either 41 oz or 2.6 lbs. The spec indicates no period after the weight unit designation.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: shipping weight

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a valid shipping_weight value must be submitted using

a single number, space, and google-accepted unit; e.g.
41 oz
2.5625 lb
1162.33 g
1.16233 kg
the value should be the weight of the product during shipping -- that is,

the weight of the product used to calculate the shipping cost of the item.

the shipping_weight will be used to automatically calculate shipping for
any target-country where a global weight-based shipping rule has been
defined and selected as the default method within the account-settings --

either a  weight-based table or carrier-calculated;  the carrier-calculated
rate is restricted to the u.s. as a target-country; however, a custom
weight-based table and shipping_weight can be defined and used for

most any target-country.

the page where google gives the attribute's forms is currently here:

see also