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setup basics

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I'm trying to set up my ad words ads with very low budget but all of this is for me like jungle. Can anybody explain to me like to a dummy how to do it best in my case please????

I need to set up ad for specific country, specific city. My ad is unique for this city and there will be absolutely no other bidder.

Also please, explain:

1. what conversion mean?

2. how many keywords I can put in my setting?

3. am I paying for keywords?

4. how many words one keyword can have?

Thank you for you help


Re: setup basics

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Hi Dr Alan P Smiley Happy. Welcome to the community.
As a new AdWords user, you can get started by going here-
There are loads of information there.

1) Conversion: It happens when someone clicks on your ad and do something valueable to your business, such as make a purchase online.
2& 4) For this, you can look into this thread-
3) Once you have setup the campaign, you will set the budget and bidding on those ads.

Hope that helps. Good luck Smiley Happy