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searched my own ads too many times

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hi! I am new to google adwords.I just finished setting up my campaign a week ago.I did not know it was bad to search for your own ads on google and not clicking them.


I wanted to see how they appeared.I just learned you should do that with the tools in google adwords(ad preview).My CTR score is bad now because ive been researching my ad over and over how can i fix this?


Just wait it out?


Thank you all for the help!

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searched my own ads too many times

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Hi there!


Yes, I'm afraid you can't do anything about the fact you have affected your data now. Unless you know how many times you saw and clicked your ads. You could calculate an estimate using: ( number of genuine clicks / number of genuine impressions ) x 100.


Other than that yes you just need to discount those days and judge your campaign performance based on accurate data.



searched my own ads too many times

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Thank you for the reply! I've also read that my ads wont show up anymore before of what i done.Is this for me only or everyone that are searching for my business? Should i delete all my campaigns and start over? Or will it correct itself over time?



searched my own ads too many times

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Hello @Montreal B @Tony N


If you want to check how your Ads are showing on Google search, kindly refer the below option:


Login To Adword Account > Tools > Ad Preview & Diagnosis


Or your can check directly from


A tool in your account that helps identify why your ad or ad extension might not be appearing. The tool also shows a preview of a Google search result page for a specific term.


Good Luck!




searched my own ads too many times

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Hi @Tony N,


This is for you or anyone else who do repeated search with the same query from the same IP address.

This is how the system identify the automated or intentional clicks/impressions to downgrade the competitors' performance.


Though clearing the browser's cookies and caches might show the ads live again.


Let the campaign run, the QS will get improved gradually.

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Re: searched my own ads too many times

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Hi @Montreal B


Welcome to Google AdWords!


Yes, you're absolutely right - the best tool to view your ads is the Ad Preview Tool, found under Tools > Ad Preview and Diagnosis (see below). 

Ad Preview Tool.JPG









Unfortunately, you'll just have to wait it out to see your CTR improve. 


The ads will only stop being served to you/your IP because Google has determined the ad is irrelevant to you (because you haven't clicked after multiple impressions).


Once things bounce back, if you want to see how much of the Search Impression Share your ads are getting (the percentage of impressions that your ad gets compared to the total impressions your ad is eligible for), you can add the Search Impression Share column by clicking the Columns dropdown > Modify Columns... > under Select Metrics choose Competitive Metrics > Search Impr. share.