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rotate ads evenly

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I know the rotate evenly is in the settings at the campaign level but I cant see it in my settings!

I have:







Would the rotate evenly setting not be showing because the campaign is paused or for any other reason or am I just looking in the wrong place?



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Re: rotate ads evenly

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Is your Campaign "All features" or "Standard" ? If it is "Standard" switch to "All Features"


This options should be very low on the page under "Advanced settings" after expanding the option 

"Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping"



Re: rotate ads evenly

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Thanks a lot. I have one more question: if you are split testing 2 ads, would you choose the "rotate evenly" option? When I choose this I see a warning saying "Your ads may not perform as well with this option. Optimized ad rotation is recommended for most advertisers"
Should I change it to one of the optimize options? Thanks.

Re: rotate ads evenly

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"if you are split testing 2 ads, would you choose the "rotate evenly" option?"


Yes, but the result is that the Ads will enter in an even number of Auctions, the outcome of these auctions depends on competition and the impressions are a result of winning in an Auction. You will see almost the same number of impressions between the ads but not an equal one.

Re: rotate ads evenly

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Hi Darragh, further to Adrian's reply, it all depends on how closely you're managing the Account.


Personally, I always use the "Rotate indefinitely" option, but I manage my client Accounts on a daily basis so I can keep a close eye on Ad performance and tweak to make sure they're doing well.  If you don't have the time to do this, you may find the optimise option better.


The best "half-way" solution is to rotate for 90 days then optimise.  When going straight for optimisation I've sometimes seen AdWords make quite "rash" decisions about which Ad is the "best" and I think it's a good idea to give them all a chance before optimising.  


As a final point, I usually like to have at least 3 Ad variations as this can make it easier to spot which element is good or bad as you can then perhaps see common features in two that are doing well (or poorly).  With only 2 Ads it can be more difficult to know what to change to improve.



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Re: rotate ads evenly

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Hi Jon,

I am new to all this and your advice is greatly appreciated My questions are:

How do you properly and effectively test ads?
Are you testing ad variations within the same adgroup?
If one ad is doing well do you leave that ad running and then create other variations of for that ad? How long should each ad run before you decide that to tweak it?