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remarketing audience "too small to target"

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I am a newbie to adwords.  I am hopeful I can learn how to make it useful for my purposes.  My business targets a very specific market group: franchise fitness clubs.  I don't really want members to find it, because we only sell to clubs and each account has to be approved before they can order.  If we have too broad of a sweep in our ads, we spend too much time declining club members who want to order versus clubs.  We have fairly strong organic traffic from direct marketing methods, I am just seeing if I can get some input on how to target my very specific demographic with ad words.  If anyone has experience hitting a small target like that, I would like to hear how you did it.Man Happy

Re: remarketing audience "too small to target"

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For search, put yourself in your clients' shoes and think of the keywords they look for on google search and then bid only on the restrictive match type of these keywords "broad modifier, exact" .

For display, use re-marketing campaigns to re-target customers who have been to specific part on your website or the whole website. Note, the re-marketing list needs only 100 cookies to be eligible for using on display network (it's not that much).
You also can make use of combination targeting methods, for instance use keywords+ placement, learn more here:-

Another approach would be start very broad on both search and display and once you get enough data such as top converting keywords, placement or interest. You can narrow you reach only to those converting targeting methods.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need more clarification.