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Hi everybody,


I would like to run a daily report and send it my e-mail, however Google only send me a direct link to the report and a file with actual report. 

They give the following explaniation:

As a security measure, we're not sending reports to email addresses that are not associated with registered users for your account. If you are an account administrator, you can always add these email addresses as email-only users, if you'd prefer not to grant them full access to your account. Learn how at

However, the email adress I'm using is registred and when I try to run this report through any other account I get the same message. 

Is there somebody who knows how I can get the actual report instead of just a link?

Thanks in advance!

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September 2015

Re: registered users

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Hi Bram,
Are you by chance using an MCC login?

I've run into this before when using a MCC login as my email address was authorized at the MCC level, not the individual Accounts. Here is how I solved:
1. Log into your MCC
2. Click on one of your Accounts in the MCC
3. Click on the Gear icon in the top right hand corner of AdWords
4. Click on Account Settings
5. Click on Account Access
6. Add your email address as a User to this Account. Access level = Email Only Access
7. Accept the invitation

After doing this, try to set up your reports again; it should work.

Re: registered users

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for your reply and my apologies for my late reaction.

I followed your steps, but I still only get a link of the report.

Do you know if there is something else I could try?

Thanks again!

Re: registered users

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I have this exact same problem. Do email-only users even work???

registered users

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