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"This ads group is missing Dynamic Search Ads"

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Don't know if anyone can help, but I seem to be experiencing major issues which are annoying me no end.

If you try to implement DKI in an adgroup, does it cause problems with other normal text ads within the SAME campaign???

Since I tried to create a DKI adgroup within one of my campaigns (in order to try and get round the 25-char title limit, which I know is possible, because I've seen EXACTLY the same ad that I'm trying to create, actually working on google RIGHT NOW with one of my competitors), I've had nothing but problems.

Unless I'm going mad, I keep getting the above message, within an adgroup that contains an ad which is definitely WITHIN the 25-char limit.

Whenever I click on the above message, and go to 'solve' the problem, it seems to want to direct me to create a 'dynamic search ad' with a 'dynamically generated headline'.  Yet, when I create a normal text ad, and try to implement DKI within that, I get a helpful pop-up appear guiding me on how to do it within THAT box.

What is going on????

What is it that I'm not doing right?

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Re: "This ads group is missing Dynamic Search Ads"

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Hi there,


Could you check if the ad group has Dynamic ad targets? You can find it under auto targets. Screenshot here, under 'create dynamic ad targets'


Sumanth Sridhar

Re: "This ads group is missing Dynamic Search Ads"

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Thanks for your response and advice. TBH I actually got so fed up with trying to solve the problem, that I just resorted to deleting what I was trying to do. I may of found what was causing the problem, but I thought the best solution was to remove and start again.
I have actually just bumped across another thread on here that seems to confirm my suspicions that DKI probably won't work for me. So I just need to do further searching to find out exactly how one of my competitors did what I'm trying to do.