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"Low Search Volume", yet my Ad Appears

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Consider this:


The status of one of my long-tail keywords is set to "Low Search Volume." The tooltip indicates that the keyword isn't eligible to show my ad. That's fine. Given my previous post (answered), I thought I understood why…. and YET…


The "Showing Ads Right Now" field is set to Yes. The Ad Preview And Diagnostics screen and my own tests indicate that the ad *is* in fact appearing when this long-tail keyword is used in Google search.


How can this be? I don't understand the contradictory messages I'm seeing. Are "Low Search Volume" keywords ineligible or not?


(The Qual Score for my keyword is 10/10 if that matters).





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September 2015

Re: "Low Search Volume", yet my Ad Appears

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Hi David S,


The rest of the message that goes along with the "Low Search Volume" is that if more people begin to search for the keyword, it will become eligible.


I also gets impressions on the LSV keywords from time to time. Google's reasoning behind the LSV message is a concern for privacy. If only one person clicks on your ad for a particular keyword, it becomes to easy to identify the individual who clicked, so they block the keyword from showing until there are enough queries for the individuals to become more or less anonymous.


All keyword statuses are temporary and calculated each time your keyword is eligible to enter the auction.


Best of Luck!




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