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"Lead" same as conversion?

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Could some body tell me what is mean by "lead", same as conversion?


Just click on a ad, and land in a page with conversion tracking, is that this is a converted case?

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Re: "Lead" same as conversion?

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Hi Jyching,

A conversion is a customer action that has value to your business, such as purchase, downloading an app, visiting a website or filling out a form (Lead generation).

When someone clicks you ad, visits your site and then fills a form to provide you his contact details that can be considered as a conversion in AdWords and a lead for your business.

To accurately track conversion (lead) you should place the conversion tracking code on the 'Thank You/confirmation' page. This will ensure the completion of the action that you consider as a conversion.

If you place the conversion tracking code on the landing page, every click/visit will be recorded as a conversion in AdWords, but the actual number of people who completes the conversion (filling the lead generation form) will be less.

You can find more about conversion tracking here -


Re: "Lead" same as conversion?

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Google will count a conversion as a visit to a page which has the conversion code on it...

If you put the code on the landing page then every visit will count as a conversion - clearly that's not what you'd want to do, but it helps explain things.

Google doesn't know what you want people to do on your website... there may be a whole range of options. So you get to decide. You place the code, as @Deepak_V explains on the conversion page (thank you/confirmation page) - ideally a page which no-one can get to unless they have completed the action you are looking to track.

We tend to talk about leads and conversions interchangeably because they often mean the same thing - namely, that we have a contact we can follow up and (hopefully) do business with.