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promotional code for New candian client

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I'm registered with engage for agencies in UK. I have most of my clients coming in from US/Canada - which I love because it suits my night owl working time perfectly well.


However engage would only grant me GBP/EUR vouchers, I would like to get some US clients onto Adwords, I noticed while browser than there are lots of Adwords starting ads on GDN offering the same promo as I have.


I was wonderin if anyone from canda can point me to the Adwords landing page for that promotion.


I spoke to my contact in engage, they need to add themselves as an MCC to my client to load the voucher.. Which is long winded - I can just contact Adwords email support and get the [international] India support to load the balance without going through the MCC hassle. 


Though ideally I just want to make life easy for my clients and send them to the promo landing page.

Re: promotional code for New candian client

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Hey Domingo,


So what is the exact nature of your question?


Adding someone to your MCC is actually a 2 click process & very simple, so you might want to reconsider doing that.


I hope this helps.