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products with multiple languages

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I have some which are available in two languages. The keywords would be nearly the same except I would add +spanish on the other.


Should I add keywords to the current adgroup or copy the adgroup and just add +spanish to my keywords on the new ad group?


Also, thinking about potentially a 3rd ad group because I have customers that are looking for the alternative language product even though they don't speak or or read the language.


1 ad group with keywords and adtext that are in all english +product +title    with adtext like buy +product +title


and another adgroup with keywords and text that are in the other language.


How to people commonly setup adgroups and ad text for situations like these

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Re: products with multiple languages

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My rule of thumb is to always create a new campaign if you're targeting a different audience. I do this so that my data is easily viewable by each audience but also so I can use Google Optimization features that rely on campaign specific data effectively. 


Personally, I'd create two different campaigns; one for each language you're targeting. Use the campaign targeting setting to set each campaign to target only a specific language. 


Within each campaign use your base keywords +product +title to create tightly themed adgroups. Then create adgroups that use +product +title +language1 and +product +title +language2 within each campaign. Make sure to add the +language1 and +language2 keywords in as negative broads to the rest of the adgroups to prevent cross pollination. 


You'll sometimes find Spanish speaking Americans that haven't set their Google language preference to Spanish but they use 'spanish' or 'espanol' in their search query. You'll also see Spansih speaking Americans who type in Spanish queries when their Google language preference is still set to English. This is why you'll want to include both languages as +product +title +language in both campaigns. 


Hope that helps!

Re: products with multiple languages

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>> "Should I add keywords to the current adgroup or copy the adgroup and just add +spanish to my keywords on the new ad group?"


Definitely not; The question wether to use a different ad group or set another  campaign is  a matter of personal taste and the complexity of the campaign.  I usually prefer to target by Geo regions and set separate ad groups for  language targeting

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: products with multiple languages

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I agree with MosheTLV.


Determine what will be easier/better for your situation and create your account accordingly.The main gist is that you want tightly themed adgroups that aren't cross-pollinating (competing against each other) with relevant ads for your audience.