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please if i add negative keyword

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if i add negative keyword like : us
to my ad group
and than i enter keyword in phrase like : swimming pool

and than the user type in google : swimming pool in usa

dose my ad will show ?

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Re: please if i add negative keyword

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Your ads will show. Here's a practical example for you, I have a negative keyword 'blacklisted home loans', when I search using ad preview or in Google 'black home loans' my ad still shows.

So to answer your question, you need to have the full negative keyword in order to prevents your ads from showing in unwanted search keywords.

Re: please if i add negative keyword

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It actually depends upon what match type negative keyword have you entered at the ad group level. In case it is broad, it will try to reduce the maximum queries around that negative keyword and prevent your ad from showing. If it is restricted match type (phrase or exact), then it will depend on how the query is being actually matched with the user query online.


See this screenshot from the help center for more details as an example:-




My 2 cents!


Re: please if i add negative keyword

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I disagree - and think that the ad will not show since -us is included in the search term.


As Pankaj explains it does depend on the match type - but, as a rough guide, broad match negatives work as you would expect phrase match to work if it were a positive keyword - then, phrase is still phrase and exact is still exact.

This is why in the table Pankaj supplies on the broad match example only the word women is used - since you don't actually want to block searches that contain hats. In your example the negative -us would prevent any search containing us from triggering an ad.

Re: please if i add negative keyword

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Hello, I disagree.

Look at another example, if you have a negative keyword in broad match:


-mens shoes


This negative keyword will keep you from showing for a search containing only one of the words. Here are some examples of which queries would and wouldn't trigger your ad:


Potential Queries:

shoes dress new = Yes
shoes mens dress new = No
dress mens new = Yes
new shoes dress mens = No
mens shoes = No
shoes mens = No
mens shoes dress new = No


4 out of 6 search queries would trigger your ad. And That's why I say you really have to be specific in keyword terms. Whether in phrase, exact or broadmatch. Despite the fact that Google does look at sysnoms,singular and plural forms, possible misspellings, stemmings.


The term 'us' is very broad. It could mean anything really. but 'USA', you can see that it's a location, and that is spot on for Google!

Re: please if i add negative keyword

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Looking at the question from a different angle: I would not advise to Geo-target using a country / state name in the keyword. This is a redundancy that can just confuse. (As you have noticed yourself...)
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Re: please if i add negative keyword

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Hello I agree with you,

But We answering a question not making a recommendation. Negative keywords don't interfere with locations but with the search terms.