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no clicks whats wrong

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Advice $60.00 day budget $5.00 per click

Re: no clicks whats wrong

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That's only going to be 12 clicks, by the way.

So let's have a look at a general scenario - and since you're not getting clicks, that means heading to the place in front of the doors of Goolge Adwords. That is to say, your advertisements. Are they in any way provocative? Do they stand out, shout something (but not in capitals!) to your readers? If they're really different you'll find that one of them will get as many clicks as the rest put together.

Inside the Google adwords algorithm you can check your settings. One thing you can do to improve a search campaign is to set it to "search only". The other major thing you can do is look at your keywords to check their settings - you've got three styles and I can't for the life of me think of the technical terms right now. However, getting specific means you'll refine the search.

Last but not least - you've got a campaign! To be honest, there are a good number of people who don't even get this far. So at least you've gotten that sorted. More importantly is the data you're getting from it - and since nobody's clicked, it's for free! Not much good if you want to make a profit though ... so work out what's got the best performance in terms of how often they've shown up. Working backwards from there - and remember this is real data that applies specifically to you, so treat it like gold dust. Because that's what it is. Knowing what's doing well will tell you to do more of it. If it doesn't work, that needs more imagination. And a lot more waffle from the likes of me, so I'll keep this short. The point is that some of your ads will have shown more than others, so tune your campaign to them.

Does this help any?