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no campaigns were found

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Hi Guys,

Firstly, I am new to Adwords. I have created one Test Mcc Account(Test mcc account) and under this Test mcc account i have created one client account(Dummy client account), and under this Dummy client account i have created on Campaign(new bike campaign in india) and also provided adgroups,adds and keywords. And now my problem is when  i  run from google Adwords Api program i have successfully connected with correct authentication info but i am getting this message "No Campaigns were found" even i have created campaign (new bike campaign in india) under this client account (Dummy client account). Please once look below details for my authentication setup provided in the file.

api.adwords.clientId :
api.adwords.clientSecret :
(for both above  clientId and clientSecret info i have given by creating a project from this link by providing with an authorized url).
api.adwords.clientCustomerId : provided Test mcc account client id (Dummy client account).
api.adwords.developerToken : from my original mcc account (product mcc account).
api.adwords.refreshToken : which is generated after running from google Adwords Api.

By providing above authentication credentials connected to the mcc account successfully but unable to get campaign details from created Dummy client account with a message "No Campaigns were found". Please help me on this and make me to move forward. Thanks in Advance.

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September 2015

Re: no campaigns were found

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Hi Jai,
Welcome to the forum.

Actually, the Adwords API has it's own dedicated forum where you can ask for support on this type of issue. It can be found here -!forum/adwords-api

I don't frequent it anymore as all our existing tools are already built but you'll find some smart people over there. It may take some time to get a reply but wait it out and someone will answer.

You might also want to have a look on stackoverflow as I found that to be an invaluable resource with our AdWords tools.

Hope that helps.


no campaigns were found

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Since this is the first result on Google here is a link to the new thread Jai P asked this question in:!searchin/adwords-api/no$20campaigns$20were$20found$20jai$20p%7Csor...