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negative keywords

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I have seen a list of keywords that the public has used to find my site that are not relevent.  but cannot find it again!

Does anybody know where to find it?!

Re: negative keywords

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Hi Richard,
You're probably talking about a Search Terms Report, correct? Actual Search Queries that searchers typed in and ended up clicking on your Ads from. This can be found inside of your AdWords Account in your Search Terms report.


To see the Search Terms Report:

1.  Log into your AdWords Account

2.  Click on the Keywords Tab (main tab navigation)

3.  Click on the Details button (right beneath performance graph)

4.  Under Search Terms, click All or Selected



For more information on Search Terms -



If you're looking for information on Negative Keywords that you've already added to your Account, and where to find them, they can be found inside of your AdWords either at the Campaign level, Ad Group level, or as a Shared Negative Keyword list.