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negative keywords

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How does the Negative keywords work at the campaign and ad group Level?

Please brief me how exactly it work for the account

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September 2015

Re: negative keywords

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Hi Silas,
Negative Keywords restrict your Ads from showing if the Negative Keyword appears anywhere in the searchers' queries. Negative Keywords can be added at the Ad Group level, or the Campaign level -
If Negative Keywords are at the Campaign level, they'll apply to all Keywords and Ad Groups within that Campaign.
If Negative Keywords are at the Ad Group level, they'll apply to all Keywords inside of that Ad Group.
I strongly suggest you add Negative Keywords, especially if you're using Broad and/or Phrase Match Keywords. You can find potential Negative Keywords to add by looking at your Search Terms report and/or by using Google's Keyword Planner and finding different variations of your Keywords that searchers are querying.

Below is a Google Help article on Negative Keywords -