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negative keywords issue for me

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can i add a negative keyword with one more supporting keyword to it so my ad shows in the first keyword but as someone enters the next keyword my ads wont show.


for eg i want my ad to be shown in "women leather jackets" but i dont want to be showed in

"women in leather jackets" so here "womens in" is the negative keyword but women is not a negative keyword for me.


if i add "women in" phrase match to my negative keyword will it stop showing ads to "women leather jackets" or will it only stop "women in leather jackets"


i found this a bit tricky...can anyone helpSmiley Sad

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Re: negative keywords issue for me

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Hi Skin-Hub,

Phrase match negative will block any search keyword which include the negative phrase in same order and addition keywords before and after.

In your example: "Womens in" will block query womens in leather jacket, womens in blue jacket but will NOT block term women leather jackets.

You can add negative keyword in broad and exact match type too. In Broad match, search term will be blocked for any term which include broad match negative. In Exact match search term will be blocked for any term which include exactly exact match negative.

Read More here:

If you have follow up questions, please let us know.

Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: negative keywords issue for me

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Hi Skin-Hub,


Welcome to the Adwords Community!


Good Question! and I appreciate @Neha's answer.
If you had added "women in" as negative phrase type, your ads will not display when someone search like- women in leather jackets, because of it include phrase, and close variation of that phrase.

I would like to add one point here, please check your campaign level "Exact and Phrase matching"setting it may be your setting on "Do not include close variants" instead of "Include plurals, misspelling and other close variants".

e.g. you had added "women in" as negative phrase match type and someone search womens in leather jackets at that time your ad is displaying because of it include plural of women.


You need to change your campaing level "Exact and Phrase matching"setting.


Hope it will help!