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need some help here am new

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hey there how good night.. I have a question ? I would like to know if I can use adwords to promote my amazon review site?? here are 2 of them please tell me if these can be approve from your experience. thank much


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Re: need some help here am new

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I have very little experience with Bridge pages, but i think your websites look god for approval according to google policy about bridge pages Here is what google suggests to get your bridged pages approved


Provide a substantial amount of original content or functionality by offering a combination of the following where appropriate to your industry:

  • A variety of merchants or service providers for comparison
  • Information on products or services that isn't available elsewhere, such as original user reviews and ratings
  • Enhanced site functionality including, but not limited to, searching, sorting, comparing, ranking, and filtering

More info at

Hope this helps

Again I am not an expert on bridge pages so other members correct me if i am wrong


Regards, Nik
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Re: need some help here am new

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Hello and welcome,


I would put more stress on what Nik said above. Bridge Page Policy.


Violation of this policy can straight away lead to the account suspension. You are simply getting the users on the website and then pointing them to Amazon for sales perspective. It is something which is not a payment gateway (like paypal etc...), otherwise the situation might be different. Again, these are my views only and others might have a different opinion on this.


There's an excellent thread here where the discussion took place on the same issue long time back. Read the informative and detailed explanation from TC Calin on the same issue.


I hope that helps you somewhere!