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modified broad match queries ?

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Hi there folks, I wonder if someone could advise me on an issue ?
I created an adgroup with the following keyword expression;
+"control panels" + industrial
My INTENTION was that my add would ONLY trigger if somebody put in a search term that included BOTH the string "control<space>panels" AND the word "Industrial". (though not necessarily adjacent to each other). Hence it would trigger for a search like "I want control panels for my elephant-manufacturing industrial factory".

However, it appears that this is not how the system works. By including the +industrial modifier, Adwords gets confused, and discounts the modifier, making the add wide open and allowing the add to trigger purely on the broad match of 'control panels'.

Hence it would trigger on a search like "Quiz panel not in control of their questions", or "control panels in Timbuktu" etcetera, which is the exact opposite of the sort of effect I was hoping for.

Any guidance on how I could achieve my desired effect, or pointers to detailed documentation on structuring boolean keyword algorithms, would be gratefully appreciated. Ta muchly.

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modified broad match queries ?

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Have you tried adding negative keywords? You can do a search terms report for that campaign and find keywords that you want to omit from search results, then add those to your negative keywords (either as broad or exact). For my campaigns I have a shared library of negative keywords with a couple different lists based on categories that helps direct the right traffic to our site.

modified broad match queries ?

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HI there Dean; thanks for the response. Yes, I'm developing lists of negative keywords at campaign level. However, due to the wide-ranging meaning of phrases like "control panel", and the limits of my daily spend, I estimate it will take around 10,000 years to filter out ALL of the irrelevant/undesirable searches.


This is why I was hoping to use modifiers (such as +industrial) to help filter out the 'undesirables'. However, my current information from Google is that this is not possible ? Any attempt to use a broad-match phrase WITH a modifier keyword(s) doesn't work ?


Apparently a keyword phrase such as (+control +panel +industrial) will also fail ? (e.g. it will NOT do the boolean "AND" of the three words, ensuring that all three must be present in order to trigger the advert. ).


Except... I'm not sure I'm correct in saying this !


Can anyone confirm this.

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modified broad match queries ?

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If you use this keyword:

+control +panel +industrial
then all three words will be required in order to match to the keyword, triggering your ad. 
the only exception will be very minor variations to each word, e.g. plural vs singular.  But all three words will be required. 

modified broad match queries ?

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Hi No B,

You can't combine match types like that. The keyword should be:

+control +panels +industrial


Note, plus sign in front of each keyword, no space between the keyword and the + sign. This will trigger with your sample search queries. All three words must be included with the search query, in any order, to trigger your ad. I would suggest adding phrase and exact match keywords as well:


"control panels industrial"

[control panels industrial]

"industrial control panels"

[industrial control panels]


Best of Luck!




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