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mcc admin acess to linked accounts

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Hi all,

how do i get admin-access to a clients account linked into our MCC?


1) Sent request to connect accounts through MCC

2) Logged into clients adwords account and accepted invitation

3) i can not set the priviliges to ADMIN.


why do i need to be admin?

it seems like there are a lot of functions in the basic setup of campaigns that are not visible to me as a MCC manager of the clients account. (i.e setting to display ads regardless of their performance,...)


sending an invitation from my clients account does not work, since i need to integrate the account into our MCC.


any idea? how can i make the MCC manager "ADMIN" of the linked accounts?

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Re: mcc admin acess to linked accounts

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Google Employee

Hi there, 


This is an interesting question. 


Being an administrator would allow you the highest level of access to an account and would allow yout to add or remove other users to the accounts for example, and allow you to perform certain actions like linking the accounts to Analytics for example. 


You can make a user an admin on the account by asking an existing administrator on the account to add an email address you have access to as an administrator on the account. You could then use this email address to log into the account as an admin. (Please also remember that only one email address can be linked as an admin to one account at a time.)


If you only have client manager access (fromlinking the acount to your MCC) this wouldn't necessarily mean you are an administrator on that account too. The easiest way to be an admin on teh account would be to get an existing admin to make one of your email addresses an admin. 


I hope this helps a little!



How do I add privileges to additional managers?

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thanks so far.


but how do i then as a company with sub-contractors managing specific accounts within our MCC give certain contractors access only to the accounts within the MCC that they are managing?


i dont want them to see all the other accounts in the portfolio?


do i really have to ask the client (admin) to add that specific contractor? what if the contractor changes? back to the client asking him to please change permissions?


seems a little cumbersome.


any tips?

Re: How do I add privileges to additional managers?

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Google Employee

Hi there, 


If you want your sub-contractors only to be able to access certain accounts in your MCC the only way to allow this to happen would be to give someone from their company access to each individual account. 


Another alternative could be to create a new MCC just for that group of sub-contractors so then you could give them access as admins to that MCC.


Hope this helps! Does anyone else on the Community deal with this type of situation?