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low ad rank but nothing else shows either

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Bid quality and showing ads


My understanding was that bidding worked like an auction.  I have some ads using words with low search scores. For example, 

If I search siberian larch edmonton on Ad Preview & Diagnosis, I get a message

Your ad isn't showing for this keyword right now. There are a number of reasons why this happens.


On that search page, my ad on kijiji is shown.  My page on my website is shown.  My cap for the campaign has not been reached.  (It never is.)  NO ads for siberian larch are shown.


One of my other ads isn't showing because of duplicate words.  My bad.  I was consolidating what should be different campaigns into one campaign.  I can fix that.


But tell me this:  The keyword Tamarack and it's landing page and my default bid have a quality score of 1/10  Pretty piss poor.  It even says, "Rarely shown due to low quality score" But in that campaign that ad has been given more impressions than any other ad.  There are 20 ads in this campaign, and Tamarack,with the lowest quality score gets over 20% of the impressions.


Say what?


Tamarack isn't even a popular tree.  I sell possibly 10 a year.  


Brooks poplar is another ad in the same campaign listed as not running. It has a score of 5/10. It ran 3 times compared to Tamarack's 586.  Ok.  Brooks may not be a common search term.


Fast Growing Poplar, also with 5/10 gets only 26 impressions.  My bid is half the price of a 'first page bid'  (tamarack doesn't even have a first page bid)  AND this keyword in the search results page shows two ads for the united kingdom.  This, despite that my location is restricted to Alberta, Canada.  


I'm getting a bit of 'alice in wonderland' feeling.  I *really* don't how this system works.


Oh, and while I wrote this Tamarack got another 60 impressions.





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Re: low ad rank but nothing else shows either

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Hi Sherwood,

Even I did faced similar problems for some of my keywords in my account. In this scenario, either I changed their bid or paused them. I think you should get more information on ad rank and how it works. This will help you take necessary measures to improve your keywords performance.

Here's a link:

I hope this helps.

Kapil M

Re: low ad rank but nothing else shows either

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Hi Sherwood, AdWords certainly can be complex and there can be situations that appear counter-intuitive so I'll try and clarify some points.


Firstly, "rarely shown" means different things to different people.  To you and I "rarely" means hardly at all, but to Google, it could still mean a large physical number of search impressions compared to what is possible.  Secondly, a lot of the figures you see in your Account interface are averages and/or representations of actual values.  In the case of Quality Score, although you see 1/10 (which is indeed a very low score and something you should work to fix) that doesn't mean that Keyword is always 1/10 for every auction.  Quality Score is recalculated for each and every auction so, depending upon the exact conditions of any particular auction for one search it could be 1/10, but for another a higher figure that allows your Ad to show.  


What sort of match types are you using?  If you're using "simple" Broad matches (i.e. just the words, no quotes, + signs or square brackets) bear in mind your Keywords may match a search query when any one of the words match.  So, for example, if fast growing poplar is a broad Keyword, it could match against fast cars, or growing your own herbs or schools in poplar montana.  You're highly unlikely to see clicks for these irrelevant searches, but it's these sort of wide matches that could be giving you a surprising number of impressions (and, incidentally, will be contributing to a poor quality score).


How are your Ad Groups organised?  Do you have a Group for each species/type?  Do you have landing pages that closely match these groupings?  Are all the Ads tightly matched to these themes as well?


Ideally, if you have a Keyword siberian larch, it should be in a Group for Siberian Larches and all the other Keywords in that Group (there may not be very many) should be about Siberian Larches.  The Ads in that Group should all mention Siberian Larches and their destination URL should be a landing page that's just about that tree.


I hope this helps some, AdWords is a complex system and it's difficult to give exact advice without knowing some more about your Account, which is why I've peppered you with questions!



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