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lots of impressions and a few click but no calls

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I started adwords some two and half weeks ago and although i have had over 19,000 impressions and 193 clicks my phone just isn't ringing like I thought it would. In fact I haven't picked up any new business at all.


It just seems that I'm running up a large bill!


Can anybody advise me where I'm going wrong?



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Re: lots of impressions and a few click but no calls

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Hi Richard,

Welcome to adwords community,

Kindly check your keywords. I think it should be more relevant and should have negative match keywords.

Negative keywords - A type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase. It tells Google not to show your ad to anyone who is searching for that phrase.

For example, when you add "free" as a negative keyword to your campaign or ad group, you tell AdWords not to show your ad for any search containing the term "free." On the Display Network, your ad is less likely to appear on a site when your negative keywords match the site's content.

For more information check here -

Hope this helps,


Re: lots of impressions and a few click but no calls

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Hi Richard,


The stats you shared with us need more details.


Did you really check what sort of search queries users entered while they saw your ad and clicked it? (


What type of keyword match types you used? Broad, exact, phrase?


Are you using call extensions to drive users to call you? If yes, are you using Google forwarding number to keep track of the data inside the account.


Did you run a Search only campaign OR is it a Search with Display campaign where you received many impressions and clicks?


Last but not the least, how's your landing page OR your website where you are directing the users to?


You need to understand that when you drive traffic to your website, it's your website which will decide the fate of the click, whether user will convert into customer for you or not.




Re: lots of impressions and a few click but no calls

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Few Check points for your situation -

1. First check your landing page, if it is properly functioning or not? Check if your site taking too much time to load. Check if there is proper call to action available or not. Check your contact details once again if it posted properly or not.

2. Check the relevancy of the traffic. Check with your google analytics data with simply check Matched Search Query report in Analytics. This gives you the search terms of each click through to your site from your paid campaign. Gone through all search queries and check if those queries are relevant for your business.

3. If you call to action is "call" then you can use Call Extension on your campaign. Here is the detail how to add call extension on your campaign -

4. Choosing the Wrong Keywords - Check your campaign keywords if you have added more generic broad match keywords then its high chance that you get junk traffic which will not generate any business for you.