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limit clicks from unique visitors

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I would like to perform  on the Search Network something similar to Frequency Capping but I understand you can only do this on the Display Network.  Why?  Is there another way I can go about doing this on the Search Network?  Thanks

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Re: limit clicks from unique visitors

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Hello, Weston.

The closest you can get is to use a negative remarketing list and avoid showing ads to people that already clicked them once (

But capping impressions for people that keep searching for terms that trigger your ads and don't click is something that, to my knowledge, you cannot achieve on the Search Network.
Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: limit clicks from unique visitors

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Hi Weston;


The ads shown to a user on the search network change dynamically. If a user does not click on an ad, at some point (which is not disclosed by Google) the system will stop showing the ad;
That's the reason why advertisers are encouraged  to check their ads using the preview tool. (So, the ad is shown as if the advertiser were a random user, without taking into account  past impressions.)


So, practically, there is an "auto capping" (of impressions per user) on the search network. We just don't know what is the value of this  capping.


Google says: >>"

  • If you repeatedly look for your own ad using Google search but never click on it, you might stop seeing it entirely. That's because Google's system stops showing you ads that it thinks you aren't interested in.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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