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Hi People


I hope your all well.


I have read so much all over the web and the adwords tutorials etc.


The one thing i have a question about.


The only thing it states on the web is to use keywords that you think will attract  the kind of visitors you want.


Is there a way to get the search results on a certain product or service? Whats being searched etc?


Is this even possible?


Any pointers will be much appreciated.

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Re: keywords

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Hi John T Smiley Happy. Welcome to the community.
You could always use the Keyword Planner. The tool can give you keywords ideas and the traffic estimates for those keywords. This link can help you-

Hope that helps a bit. Good luck Smiley Happy

Re: keywords

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Hi John,


Just a small addition to what has been said above, you can also review the Google Trends which provide you with the hot searches on Google and what type of searches are more popular in which particular regions as well.


This is a good way to do the brainstorming as well before you start thinking about the final list of keywords for your product/service.



Re: keywords

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Thanks for all the replies. So their is no real way to see what is being searched for in a particular niche?

On the keyword report what would be the most important thing to look at in terms of data?

For the sake of argument say i have a very good quality score and a very high bid set.. See below
In a campaign i have 5 ads. Lots and lots of keywords. I take it when someone searches for something that is in my keyword list this will trigger one of the ads in my ad group right? The one which is most relevant to what has been searched for?

What is a good number of ads to have in an ad group? Should i have 20? More or how should i go about this?

Re: keywords

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Hi John T Smiley Happy
My opinion:
- Having lots of keywords is a plus but you also need to insert some negative keywords in order to prevent unnecessary cost that you want to avoid.
- Using keywords matching options can help to control which searches trigger your ads. You can look into this-
- On the number of ads, that is totally depends on you. You need to consider on the cost that you are willing to bear when the visitors click on the ads. To understand more on the data performance, check out this link-

*An addition to the above
- Try to look into the Search Term report. The report helps you to see how your ads performed when triggered by actual searches within the Search Network.

Good luck Smiley Happy