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keyword conflict

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If I have two ad group in the same campaign, one focus on mobile, another focus on desktop, with the same set of keywords, than this cause keyword conflict, may I know:
1. Will this keyword be show?
2. If yes, in mobile or desktop? or both ?
3.What is your recommendation of solution of this issue?
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Re: keyword conflict

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Hi jyching,

First I welcome to adwords community.

jyching, may I know the reason for creation of 2 ad-groups with same keywords?
when you able to set bids, device wise then why you are creating 2 different ad-groups Just only for target the mobile & desktop separately.

I request Just go in campaign -> setting -> devices
you find 3 options in device column:
1) Computers
2) Mobile devices with full browsers
3) Tablets with full browsers

& set bidding according to device means if you want to show ads too much on mobile than increase bid on mobile.

Please read this article for understand device targeting:

I fill it will very helpful for you.


Re: keyword conflict

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Just for clarification you are only able to adjust the bids for mobile devices - you cannot separate desktops and tablets - these will always have your "baseÇ" bid.

Mobiles can be adjusted in a range from -100% (i.e. a bid of zero) to +300%

so to run a campaign and exclude mobiles you can simply adjust the mobile bid to -100%

To run a campaign only for mobiles is not possible, but you can drop your bid to 25% of it's original value which will effectively eliminate much of the traffic, and then boos the mobile bid to +300% to restore the original bid on mobile devices...

It's a poor workaround - and it doesn't work on all traffic or all accounts - but it's the only one we've got at present.

Re: keyword conflict

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I know this thing & thanks to correct me. I am going to advice same thing regarding mobile bid adjustment.

Re: keyword conflict

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Hi jyching,


As @stickleback suggested you can do bid adjustment for mobile devices to run mobile campaigns, I have one suggestion to for you it works for my accounts.


If i want to run mobile campaigns. I will do this


  • I will create two ad groups with the same keywords and for one ad group i will create mobile only ads, and i will increase mobile bids to +25%.
  • In 2nd ad group i will decrease mobile bid up to -100%.
  • After one week monitor your campaign you can add negative keywords in Mobile ad group which are getting most clicks from Desktop not from mobile.


This is the possible way to run mobile ad groups. i know as of now.


Hope this will help.