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i really don't understand traffic estimator

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I don't understand why Traffic Estimator and Keyword Tool don't seem to agree with eachother on basic measurements. I think I'm misunderstanding something big-time. Here's an example:


Take the phrase "speed reading." Keyword Tools shows a monthly local searches as 74,000. But when you put "speed reading" into Traffic Estimator there's no way you can make the amount of 'impressions' go over 814 per day. But 814 per day would be only 24,420 per month, not 74,000 per month. This is regardless of what 'daily budget,' 'max cpc,' and so on you enter.


What's more is I did the same comparison with 4 other keywords examples and often it's even more way off the mark than that. So which is right Traffic Estimator or Keyword Tool?

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Re: i really don't understand traffic estimator

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Hello Wicksteed1; welcome;


While the "keyword tool" presents an average raw data, based on all advertisers' data, using a given keyword, the traffic estimator is based on your own campaign past performances,  attempting to "predict"  future performances, based on YOUR campaigns past performances.

It is important to remember, that it is still an estimate, based on statistical analysis.


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