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i need help to set up my own adwords campain

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Re: i need help to set up my own adwords campain

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Start creating your Adwords Campaign by signing up here Before you do, please go thru all materials in how to create efficient Adwords Marketing Campaign here ...
Setup and Basics:

If you need help in setting up your first campaign, you may call Google Adwords support team for from and request a callback or call them directly.

Post your doubts in adwords community.

Some points to note if you are new to Adwords:
I would prefer you to choose Search Network Only Campaign first. First start acquiring visitors from Search Network.

To make your campaign Search Network Only, choose the Type of your Campaign as "Search Network Only".

For Search Network, Keywords are the key. If you have generic Keywords in place, you will be in loss for sure. Start with Specific Keywords first. For example, if you are running an inverter shop, I would prefer choosing "buy APC inverter" as my keyword instead of just "inverter". I would target those who already analyzed about inverter and decided to buy APC inverter.

Also use various keyword match types "exact", "phrase" and "Broad Match Modifier". Do not start with "Broad" match keywords. How it works

Finally the structure of your campaign and adgroups for ROI. Do not just create a campaign and one Adgroup inside and include all your keywords and all your Ads Variations inside. This is not going to solve your problem. Have multiple specific Adgroups for specific keyword and specific Ad for every Adgroup reflecting your Keyword. And finally land them to specific page they are looking for. Do not land all users to your home page.

If you want to make use of Display Network Campaign, I would prefer you to go through the materials here and before you start with Display Network. You need analyze the placements carefully. Otherwise you will end up paying without any results.