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i dont see my ads when i search in googles search engine

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Re: i dont see my ads when i search in googles search engine

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Hi Satyaprakash,


Welcome to the Community!


By repeatedly searching on Google for your own ads, you're increasing the impressions. Your CTR would be affected negatively, when you don't click on the ad. To prevent this, Google stops showing your ads only to you.


Here's an explanation from the help center: We know it’s tempting to look for your ad on Google. But if you repeatedly search for your own business on Google without clicking your ad, you may stop seeing it after a while. That's because Google's system recognizes your computer and stops showing ads that it thinks you aren't interested in.


To preview your own ads, I'd suggest using the Ad Preview Tool available within your AdWords account. More info about the tool here.


Good luck,


Sumanth Sridhar

Re: i dont see my ads when i search in googles search engine

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Hello Satyaprakash,

Patience. Sometimes it is best to wait.When you submit your ad text and keywords, you are entered into the Google review and approvals queue. If it has been more than five days, contact a Google rep to see if your keywords and ads have been approved.

If it is already approved Please follow up with below factors

1.Campaign/Ad Group Paused.
2.Billing Information Issue.
3.Daily Budget Not Set.
4.Keyword Bids Exceed Daily Budget.
5.Disapproved Ads.
6.Disapproved Keywords.
7.Negative Keywords.
8.Position Preference Is Preventing Ad Serving. So, if your bids are too high or too low for the selected position, your ads will not be served.

For More Help : \

Hope this helps for you !!! Happy Adwording

Re: i dont see my ads when i search in googles search engine

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Hello Satyaprkash,
I totally agree with sridhar if you repeatedly click the ad on the Google it effects the CTR so that you will lose a good position for the ever search engine show ad depends upon the settings at campaign level if you select slandered the ad will show through the day or until it reach it's daily budget with regular intervals, and if you select accelerate the ad will display continuously until it reach the budget,our best suggestion is to use the ad preview tool to see the position of your ad how it appear in real time.