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i am really lost

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i have a website and im selling jewelry the prices are between 200$-10000$ and  this is a new buisness so i have no sales the problem is i dont realy have a budget more then 50$ (and that also is to much)a day and that maybe gives 15 clicks but no leads get created from this the problem is i think i need much more traffic in order to really check it out but then i need at least 250 vists a day that approx will cost me 600$ a day is that normal to pay for that ammount of traffic for one day ? and does it make sense to that if i have 250 targted traffic everyday so then i can really figure out if my website is good or not? 

thanks allot 

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Re: i am really lost

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Hi David,


Simply increasing the daily budget without any deeper understanding of how your users are interacting with your website and your AdWords account wouldn't be a wise strategy to follow.


Since I believe that you are selling jewelry online with your website, you need to first identify whether you are giving the users good customer experience, attractive offers compared to your competitors in the same area or not.


About your AdWords account, you need to first identify how you have structured your account in terms of keywords, ad copies, ad groups, campaigns etc...What keyword match types have you selected and whether you are advertising on Google search or Google search and Display Network both? Also, you need to identify whether the Search Terms you are getting are relevant to your business or not. What sort of geographical settings you have in the account. How is the Bounce Rate of the website. If the users are reaching your website, are they staying on it or not?


Also note that the buying cycle for your product might be longer which means that users might browse through the site and come back to the site may be after 3-4 days or may be a week and then convert. This also has to be taken care of.


I would really suggest you take a look at all the possible combinations one by one and then see which areas need improvement in terms of your website and AdWords account.


This article would help you in structuring your account properly:



Re: i am really lost

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thanks for you reply
the structure of the account as for campaigne > ad group is diveded very
well, but the problem in this industry is that each person has his taste
his idea how his ring should look like so how do i target the people that
want the designes that i sell? or at least provide them with the fact that
i have the best prices... my bounce rate is 45%-50% on adwords search and
very high on PLA click are just clicked and leave the website so the
numbers seem to be ok but the traffic is low but i am scared to invest a
big ammount if i wont have a ROI in some way what would you suggesst to do ?