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how will conversion tracking work if you have 2?

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If i am running adwords campaigns for an ecommerce store

and have 2 different conversion tracking codes:


Tracking code 1: on the newsletter sign up thank you page

Tracking code 2: tracking code on the purchase thank you page


Which conversion will be shown on adwords?


It only shows "Converted clicks"


But how do i see in adwords report:

Converted clicks for signups

Converted clicks for checkout (sales)


Can adwords provide separate reports for this?

Re: how will conversion tracking work if you have 2?

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There are several things one should know about Adwords Conversion tracking:
Understanding Conversion Tracking

Setting up conversion tracking

Counting Conversions
Using conversion values


Adwords allows you to pick and choose what conversion details you want to be displayed by picking or removing them in the Tool < Conversions    Menu tabs.


Under the Conversions Tab you can make changes top Converted clicks or  Conversion - determined by your own choice which method works best for you


In your ecommerce store situation, I would defiantly pull in the Sales conversion data as that leads to true ROI numbers as well as ROAS.


As far as the Newsletter sign ups, you can chose either to allow them to also be added to your Conversion statistics in Adwords, or exclude them, and set up a Analytics Goal to view your Conversions of the Newsletter based strictly in Analytics. ( this is your choice how you want to set your system of counting conversions)


In my opinion I would want the dollar values of the actual sales as that is the most important conversion to be included as the Adwords conversion data. I would exclude the Newletter sign-ups as an Adwords conversion and use Analytics as I stated above to track that data.


I would also make sure that the analytics is tracking the ecommerce data as well based on setting for Analytics as the data is very vital and a great program to make ROI decisions and evaluations.


But the good thing about Adwords platform it allows you to make the choices and decisions.  Just remember if you use Conversion Optimization Bidding methods and signups are included, it could throw off your True ROI measurements.  Just something to consider.


I hope that helps, and other will chime in it there is another set-up that make more sense from an inclusion or exclusion basis.


Good Luck 

Eric G

Re: how will conversion tracking work if you have 2?

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HI Raymond T,

if you go to tools / conversions and then click on the left side the search funnel tab you can analyze all of your conversions separately