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how to use youtube targeting tool

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I need to use the video ads only on specific you tube videos on my channel


when I try to see the instruction, the page gives 404 error

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Re: how to use youtube targeting tool

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Hi There,


This question was several times in the forum. One of the best answer I can find out is :



YouTube promoted videos have now been integrated to the TrueView video ads formats, as TrueView in-search, appearing next or above search results on YouTube, and TrueView in-display, appearing next to video content on YouTube and on the GDN. TrueView in-slate (on YouTube long content) and TrueView in-stream (skippable commercial before the video that the user is trying to watch) are the 2 other placements included in the TrueView video ads family. 


If your goal is to generate views on your video, we strongly recommend that you stay opted in all 4 formats when you create a TrueView ad through AdWords for video. This will allow you to run your video promotion accross all relevant placements on YouTube and the Google Display Network. Advertisers who have remained opted-in all 4 formats have noticed they they were generating on average 4 times as many views for the same budget as when they were only using promoted video ads.


You can set up a new campaign using the AdWords for video tools in less than 10 minutes by accessing your account through Just sign in and click on the "New video campaign" button to get started: There is only 2 pages to fill out: the campaign and ad creation page, and the targeting page.


Further to advertisers feedback, we improved and simplified the campaign creation workflow in AdWords for video. Here are a few tips that will help you set up your campaigns:

  1. On the Campaign settings / ad creation page:
    a/ You are opted in by default to all 4 TrueView ad formats as this is what gives you the best performances.
    b/ if you only want to appear on YouTube, and not the Google Display network, or just on YouTube search, you
        will need to click on "let me chose" in "Ad formats and Networks" and just opt-out of the networks that you do not
        wish to use.
  2. On the Target group creation page
    a/ you will indicate the max CPV that you are ready to pay for a view from the audience that you specify.
    b/ In "target people when they are watching",  use demographic, topic or interest targeting for best performances on placements next to YouTube videos and on the Google display netwok. Adding different targeting criteria narrows your targeting.
    c/ In "target people when they are searching", indicate the keywords that you want to use, for targeting on YouTube Search pages. Note that the Keyword suggestion tool can help you find more relevant keywords.
    d/ Note the traffic estimation tool on the right hand side, which gives you an estimate of the number of views and average CPV that you could expect for your targeting.


I hope these few tips will help you improve performances of your video campaigns on YouTube. Please refer to theAdWords Help Center for detailed instructions on how to use AdWords for video.


Have a good day,



Re: how to use youtube targeting tool

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Thank for your reply. It really helped me