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how to stop double click ads

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I run the Google Display campaign and received the leads from this link.

And most of the leads from this link is irrelevant for my ads.So if any one tell my how to stop this getting leads from this link or how prevent.!

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September 2015

Re: how to stop double click ads

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Hi Kalirajan,


Welcome to Adwords Community,


You are receiving leads from because you are running display campaigns. Google network publishers display your ads. These ads are running and monitored by doubleclick technology which is owned by Google.


You should monitor your placements from where you are receiving visitors. You can find that placements/websites as following:


Select date rang and Click on your Campaign ->click on Display Network tab-> click on Placement tab.


If you are receiving more clicks and but no conversion from particular website, you should exclude that website. Even you can also monitor there which network is performing well for your campaign.


Hope I helped you. Thanks

Re: how to stop double click ads

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Hi Virendra Kumar,

Thanks for Reply!

I received the leads from this campaign but most of the leads are irrelevant.(i.e If my target is property sales but I received leads are contain i need voter id,check PNR,etc.) This kind of message received.So kindly tell me how stop this irrelevant leads.
Thank You