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how to change the landing page for an ad

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Have tried to change the landing page on the ad setup page but it will not save. I there another place to make such a change?

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how to change the landing page for an ad

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Hi @Jack B,


In AdWords, you should be able to edit the URL. If it is not saving you have the address written wrongly, like having a ,com instead of .com or something like that. However, it is best to leave the ad as is... copy and paste the ad into your ad group, then pause the original ad, and then edit the new ad by changing the URL of it. This will preserve your ad history for the original ad and allow the new ad to stand on its own. 


To copy ads to another ad group:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. Go to the Ads tab.
  4. Check the boxes next to the ads you would like to copy. Then, from the Edit drop-down menu, choose Copy (or Control-C for PCs, Command-C for Macs).
  5. Go to the Ad groups tab.
  6. Click on the ad group or ad groups where you want to put the copied ads.
  7. From the Edit drop-down menu, choose Paste (or Control-V for PCs, Command-V for Macs).
  8. Optional: In the dialog box that appears, check the box next to “Pause new ads after pasting” to create new ads that are paused. Otherwise, any copies of ads that were active when copied will be active when pasted.
  9. Click Paste


Alternately, you can make such changes with the AdWords Editor. You can learn more about the uses here. Or you can post up any questions for additional assistance. 


In AdWords Express, the URL change will never save. You have to recreate the ad and start fresh with the ad and URL.


Kind Regards,




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how to change the landing page for an ad

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Hi Jack and James,


James has provided a great answer for you. Good job, James.


I want to address this issue of "preserve your ad history". Ad performance history is never removed and is always accessible. Editing an ad has the effect of deleting the original ad and creating a new ad. The only difference is where you will find that history.


James suggested you copy to a new ad, then pause the old ad. If you do that, for a paused ad you will need to look at "All but removed" campaigns and set your date range to a period when the ad was active. To look at data from a deleted or removed campaign, you will need to select "All", and set your date range accordingly. Now, it may be easier to find a paused campaign if you have fewer of those than removed campaigns. But the data is all still there. It's a matter of personal preference.


Either way you do it, the history of your campaign and ad performance is still relevant in terms of effect on your QS.


Best of Luck!




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