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how to add similar keywords

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I add three keyword in an ad group, for example, logo powerbank bulk, +logo powerbank bulk, +logo +powerbank +bulk. Will them compete each other?


What should I do?



Re: how to add similar keywords

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Hi Ellen,

No, they should not compete with each other since you are using different kinds of match type variations for each one.

Remember that using the "+" signal tells google that the keyword with + should be part of the user search query, so having variations with '+powerbank' and 'powerbank' could give different results.

You can check more about all Match Types here:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: how to add similar keywords

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Depends- Upon your Definition of Competing against each other.

Only one Keyword will win the Ad Auction. So only one will show and one will be counted.

They will Compete against each other in the aspect of impression share which will go toward the match term that has the Higher Ad Rank, based on QS, CTR and Bid Price.

Your Examples and labeled 1,2,3 for example purposes
logo powerbank bulk, (1)
+logo powerbank bulk, (2)
+logo +powerbank +bulk. (3)

Each of these 3 terms share common Keywords, While the match types are different, the Ad rank, ( based off of Quality Score, CTR and Bid Price) will effect which ad gains the impression shares and wins the auctions, and you may run into the Ad Preview with this notice that your keyword would not be running
"This keyword is triggering other Ads with a Similar Keyword"

Initial Account Quality Score may show one version is better then the other. If all share the same QS out of the gate, then each will compete for impressions thus splitting the potential CTR and possibility to gain good Quality scores.

The Broad match term will win close variants and 1000's of similar related searches.

The Broad match Modifier will need the terms used with the + sign but could lose the ad auction based upon the Ad rank factors are higher for the Broad then the Broad modifiers

As a result, you may find that the CTR for the Broad match is significantly higher and has a higher QS, and thus will win out in an auction for the terms because of the Higher Ad ranks.

The one way around this is to make sure first to check the QS out of the gate for those terms. Next to sculpt the Bids, knowing that the Broad will capture the most impressions based upon potential Ad rank, to offset this the Broad match should have a significantly lower bid then the + Modifers, to give those + Keywords a fighting chance.

So your bid structure may be something like this
logo powerbank bulk, Bid 10
+logo powerbank bulk, Bid 12
+logo +powerbank +bulk. Bid 13

However everything is based upon your actual campaign setting, landing page, ad copy and the QS received based upon your account factors. Therefore it is wise to create the ad group as tight as possible to give the best QS factors syncing to the Ad copy and then determine which variation provide the most QS and Impression share and results.

When you use Simple Broad match make sure you have an exhaustive Negative keyword list and be diligent in view the search terms query report to add new negatives.

Good luck, and TEST