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how does my website link to my adwords acc?

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I set up my AdWords account and entered all my key words, now how does the key words link to my website? all I can see is my email acc. do I have to link AdWords to my website and if so how do I do it?




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September 2015

Re: how does my website link to my adwords acc?

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Hi Frank,

Welcome to the community.

You don't have to explicitly link your adwords account to your website. The linking is done through your ads.

Next to keywords, you also need Ads, this is what is shown to the user / searcher. An ad has a title, text, display URL and landing page. The landing page is the URL (link) to your website.

You can find more detailed information on this and how to get started here:

Re: how does my website link to my adwords acc?

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Welcome dear,

Congratulations for your account first of all.

Before you edit more things on your account please read everything about account structure as it may hinder performance in future.I found it relevant to your query