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how do i get better results with Google Adwords

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I followed all the cardinal rules of Google Adwords;


Short ads, Maximum keywords, multiple campaigns running at a time and more,


Yes, I would agree that we were limited by the budget but that's the constraint from my company which I cannot work around with.


Please let me know the perfect budget that I could use for the ad so that my company ads display the best.


Also, how else could I maximize my adwords rank.




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Re: how do i get better results with Google Adwords

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Hi Anil,

We can not say the perfect budget without knowing your business and keywords. I suggest you to check your keywords and CPC. You might get idea from it. Check

For ad rank Please visit to get more detailed details.

Let us know for any further assistance.

Re: how do i get better results with Google Adwords

Rising Star
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Hi Meghana,

If budget is a constraint from your company then I would suggest you first short list the most important keyword themes for you. These could be your Brand keywords, most converting, keywords driving maximum traffic, etc.

Identify these keywords and then pause all the other keywords in the account. This way, you are running & spending money on only those keywords that are beneficial to you somehow. Limiting your keyword basket to the most essential keywords is the first step. Second is to ensure that your bids are high enough to get you the visibility that you would need to make a mark on the SERP, in terms of clicks, Impressions or even Conversions.

You need find the sweet spot when it comes to the avg. position where your bids are not high and not too low and you are receiving the best possible visibility on the SERP.

You can also look at the impression shares (at campaign level ) for your keyword themes (if you have structured your campaigns as per the themes you are targeting). Look at the impression lost due to Rank ( You will obviously have IS lost due to Budget, but there is nothing we can do about it for now) , understand how much IS are you loosing here and then try and push the bids for your selected keywords to try and improve the IS here.

Improving your IS should help you garner more clicks and if you are looking at Quality traffic, improving your IS for the most relevant of keywords should be your priority then.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: how do i get better results with Google Adwords

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Hi Meghana,


My advice would be to shift your focus from -


Short ads to more targeted, themed, action-oriented ad copies. Include CTA and relevant ad formats

Maximum keywords to more relevant keywords

Multiple campaigns to more themed campaigns


And combined these with Shashank's suggestions. Don't forget to optimize your landing pages to have better content-flow and user-experience. 


All the best!


Ratan Jha



About Me: Community Profile | Ratan Jha INC.
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Re: how do i get better results with Google Adwords

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Without specific details on how your account has been structured, what keyword matching options you are using, what campaign types you have will get the generic responses. If you can share with us some of the details, Community might be able to assist you with more specific suggestions.


Remember that it's not about the quantity here, it's about the quality of the account how you create, optimize and tweak it.


You might be interested in exploring Keyword Planner for approximate numbers in terms of traffic, cost and other metrics:-