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how do i edit an ad schedule with the new interface

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the new interface for ad scheduling is confusing me.

i set up ans ad schedule for my as to run at +20% bid for 4 hours a day. I didn't realise this meant they ONLY run for these 4 hours. how do i edit this setting?

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Re: how do i edit an ad schedule with the new interface

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Hi Liz,
Welcome to the community.
First, some words of warning

It's not possible to set bid adjustments for day and time if your campaign is using automatic bidding.
You can set bid adjustments for mobile devices in any campaign, and for days and times in any campaign type other than "Standard." However, you can only set bid adjustments for locations in the following types of campaigns:
"Search & Display Network - All features"
"Search Network only - All features"
"Search Network only - Dynamic Search Ads"
"Search Network only - Product Listing Ads"
All "Display Network only" campaign types

So, to answer your question, you need to set an ad schedule FIRST. So in the campaign settings, you need to add the days and hours you want your campaign to run (in general). You need to create a schedule for the time of day you want your ads to show normally and a separate schedule for the times of the day that you want your ads to show with a modified % bid.

You then need to select the day and time you want to change your bid for.

When you've created them all (a chore I know), you check the box next to the schedule of time you want to increase your bid for. When checked, click the "set bid adjustment" button right next to the red "+Ad Schedule" button and add the modified bid there.

That should do it.

If you want to do this for all campaigns, you can copy the schedule using AdWords editor to other campaigns.

Please note, the instructions I gave are for making the adjustments at the CAMPAIGN level only.