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how do i access keyword planner

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I keep ending up on Adwords or Adwords Xpress with no drop down tables - where is Keyword planner???

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Re: how do i access keyword planner

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first, try resizing the browser-window to 100% scale,
disabling any ad-blocking software or extensions, and
clearing the current browser's cache and cookies -- or
try all the above with a different browser such as chrome.

(a) if the account has been fully created and the entire
sign-up flow has been completed, including billing details
and a campaign then, the tools-tab should appear atop the
main menu-bar, aside home, campaigns, and opportunities --
keyword-planner will then be under the tools-tab:

note that if a managed-account (my-client-center) is being used then,
a client-account must be created (linked) and selected first, before
the tools-tab will appear -- these are account/campaign specific tools.

importantly: to not be charged, be absolutely certain that all campaigns
are paused; otherwise, the advertising-clicks will be continually charged --
no matter how well or poorly designed the advertising campaigns may be.

note that most keyword-planner features require a campaign with
a budget to calculate the most accurate or appropriate information.

exact steps on how to pause (suspend) or remove a campaign are currently here:

(b) however, if an account has been fully created and the entire sign-up-flow
has been completed, including a (paused) campaign and proper billing details,
but the keyword-planner still cannot be accessed or an issue still exists then,
a support-specialist may be contacted directly --

(c) otherwise, keyword-planner is mainly for paid advertising, specific
ad-campaign research -- not for general, aggressive, keyword, search-term,
search-ranking, search-engine-optimization, or any related analysis.

ad-bids, campaign budget, type of product or service, customer behavior,
overall account performance, and many other factors, may statistically
skew or inhibit, actionable keyword-planner results.

keyword-planner offers the following features for paid-advertising research:
- search for keyword/ad-group ideas for use in a paid advertising campaign;
- help select competitive bids and budgets to use with a paid ad-campaign;
- forecast keyword performance with respect to a budget/paid ad-campaign;

(d) otherwise, google-trends is available for generic, cursory, prolonged,
search-term, search-engine-optimization, or related analysis and currently
requires no billing details, no budget, and no account whatsoever.

see also