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how can i pause automatic extensions?

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Automatic extensions such as Seller Review and Ratings appear automatically without my permission, How can I block it from happening?


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Re: how can i pause automatic extensions?

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Hi George F,

Each automated extensions has a form that you can submit in order to have the extension stopped on your account.

For example Dynamic sitelink extension:

If you got to this page:

Find the extensions you wish to disable and go to their specific pages, they will all have a link at the bottom to a form to disable them.

Hope this helps!

Re: how can i pause automatic extensions?

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Hi George,


A small addition to what has been said above, in case you are looking to opt out of the seller rating extensions, fill up this form and AdWords support will review it further: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/SellerRatingExtensions/


My 2 cents!


Re: how can i pause automatic extensions?

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thanks Pankaj , to provide important solution

Re: how can i pause automatic extensions?

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Thanks Clynton for provided relevant link, that is helpful at all.
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how can i pause automatic extensions?

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Hi everyone,


Reopening this new thread just to provide the updated solution, for anyone who may be looking for it.


You can now disable automated ad extensions directly from the AdWords interface, following these steps:

  1. Sign into your AdWords account.
  2. Click the Ad extensions tab.
  3. Click the “View” dropdown and select Automated extensions report. 
  4. Click Automated extension options (advanced).
  5. Click Edit next to “Show all automated extensions for this account”.
  6. Click Exclude specific automated extensions for this account
  7. Check the box next to the automated extension you’d like to disable. 
  8. Click Save.
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