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how can I target the placement for a certain page in a network site

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I am trying to target a certain page on a network site which has different page with a placement ad, currently, I am getting many traffice but few clicks because the placement appears on all this particular network pages. when only one page of that site is important to me. How can I make the placement appear only in this lone page on a particular network site?

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September 2015

Re: how can I target the placement for a certain page in a network sit

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Hi Omar s

Click the "Add targeting" drop-down menu and select "Placements." Type in the name or URL of the placement where you'd like the ads in this ad group to show. If you'd like to add multiple placements at once to your ad group, click the Add multiple placements at once link at the bottom of the box.

You can also target the placement using keywords in your adgroup along with placements as well.
For eg: You can target . OR,
You can target and set keywords [XYZ],so that under wherever there is a page whose content is related to XYZ,your ads will show there.

Aritra Mukherjee