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how can I know ebay's secrets to show multiple ads at the same search results ?

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Recently I often see ebay items from google search results under my indursty search terms. 

such as "iphone screen replacement", please refer to the top screen shot ( I captured time & Date & Location ) . 


Here are my questions. 


Under Adwords policy - Double serving . 

"To protect the value and diversity of the ads people see on Google, we generally discourage advertisers from running ads for the same or similar businesses across multiple accounts triggered by the same or similar keywords. This policy, known as "double serving," prevents multiple ads from the same or commonly-owned company from appearing on the same search results page."


the following two urls are different or not? vs 



Or eBay is one of biggest customers for Google therefore there is ONLY one exception ? 



How about this ? At the bottom of page ( please check the big screenshot at the top ) there is a Gumtree Ad.

If you visit the following link,

you can see Gumtree is part of eBay Company. 


What do you think The reason of showing a Gumtree Ad on 'iphone screen replacement' search result is Google doesn't know this information ? 



Common Ownership 
Common ownership occurs when the same entity, whether an individual or a business, owns or controls one or more of the sites in question at the time of multiple ad serving.


I guess because of this exception reason ?



Any comments ? 

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Re: how can I know ebay's secrets to show multiple ads at the same search results ?

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Badged Google Partner

As far as the merchant center and product feed stuff is concerned, I don't know anything about setting all that up, and I should have kept my mouth shut about it. Smiley Happy There are others in the community who could help you there, it's definitely worth exploring for the future.


I would interpret the three ad types as:


#1. Text ads. Top position ads with (Moshe, correct me here please) it looks like sitelinks, and social extensions for the first ad. The second ad seems to have the new-er product extension format product extensions. Instead of images, there is a product description and price.


#2. THese all seem to be product ads. Not product extensions for text ads, as with the 2nd ad. Product ads are stand alone from product extensions, in that product ads are targeted and served in a different manner than KW targeted text ads. The KW query term could be iPhone screen repair, and iPhone screen protector product ads may be determined to be "relevant" enough to the KW query to trigger a product ad.


#3. These are all standard text ads as well. These are ads in the "other" position, and you may not see as many, or sometimes any ad extensions, when ads are in the other position. The is no guarantee as to the ad format. You may see ads only on the side, only on the bottom, there could be a dozen ads on the page, there could be one or none. 


"How does Google tell Product Ad vs Service Ad ?" It doesn't. You have to have a (or many) product(s) to have a merchent center and/or product feed. These are product ads, and text ads. we advertise products and/or services for our clients with text ads, but you can only advertise product with product ads. iPhone repair is not a product, but if you sell products such as replacement screens, then you could use those products for your product ads. If you only sell the product, as part of the service (just like most auto repair shops for example), then selling product online is not your business model. In that case, call extensions, sitelink extensions, social extensions may all be more effective for your business model and advertising efforts than product ads.


Again, it's not double-serving in this case, because there is no intent on behalf of the advertisier to double-serve, it's a decision google has made to experiment with the SERP results ad format. If eligible, you can compete in the new ad landscape in just the same way you did in the old. If not, and you want to add an online product sales element to your business and explore those options - Go for it!


"What does it mean "may not be" ? it means 'may be ok'? " There's another example of how confusing, and open to interpretation the language can be. Smiley Happy I would interpret this to mean the opposite of the meaning I took from the similar statement in the previous post. These are "other prohibited categories" that you cannot, or "may not" (depending on grammer and diction) use for merchant center/product feed/product ads/extensions stuff. 


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Re: Double Serving policy on ebay

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Hello davidkang;

This is a very interesting question. I agree with you that this seems to be a violation of the double serving policy. (Similar that you cannot have two Facebook landing pages on the same SERP)

I will refer this discussion to Google  asking  a policy specialist to comment.

I tried the Preview Tool to check if this happens with other eBay sites, in other countries.(Yours is from Australia), It  doesn't let me, because I don't have an AdWords campaign for iPhone.

Thanks for brining this up






Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: how can I know ebay's secrets to show multiple ads at the same search results ?

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Wow this is very interesting Smiley Happy I cant wait to know more about this from google


Regards, Nik
LinkedIn  |   @nikhilparachure | My Blog

Re: how can I know ebay's secrets to show multiple ads at the same search results ?

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Badged Google Partner

One is a product ad. No it's not just ebay, Amazon shows a product ad and a text ad on the same page for my US results as well. (Sorry, one of these days I'll figure out the hosting a screen shot thing.) And, no, it's not just ebay and Amazon either.

If you have product ads running, and text ads, try previewing a few top converting / high pos. ads/KW terms, and see if you can find product ads, and text ads showing for your clients.


Now, perhaps that is a violation of google's own double serving policy in principle, but in practice, it seems to be another advantage of product ads. Smiley Happy


Re: how can I know ebay's secrets to show multiple ads at the same search results ?

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Thanks a lot. Moshe & Thomas, 


To be honest, I don't criticize whether eBay violated double serving policy or not. 


I'm so jealous of eBay ( including Amazon )'s very smart ideas. 
As I know they are top customers of Google Adwords, which means they spend lots of money on Google Adwords at the same time their teams often find out the weakness(?) of Google Adwords Policy. 
If anyone from eBay/Amazon Adwords teams see this message, please leak your one of top secrets. If you are in USA, I'll definitely fly to there from The Other Side Of The Earth. Please be my Master Shifu!! 
1. if #1 and #2 are related to Product Ad vs. Text Ad...  ( plz see the screenshot from my initial msg at the top. )
we may apply this idea to the following countries.
Google Adwords: Product Ads
Product Listing Ads are currently available for the following target countries: US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, Italy, Japan, Canada, Brazil
Product Extension Ads are currently available for the following target countries: US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Canada, Japan

2. If #2 and #3 are related to 'Proxy Site' issue, please let me know Which steps I need to follow to apply 'Proxy site' for my other websites
About Double Serving Policy , I have a story to share with other people which might be related to this topic. 
In order for you to understand the iPhone repair customers' characters and behaviour within the size of Sydney, I write a bit explenations. 
  •  -. Currently Google Australia Adwords recommend 40km range as Geo-targeting (  - check one of screenshots)
  • -. If you select Sydney, NSW, Australia from Campaign Settings-> Locations, it will cover around 50km X 50km.
    [ Refer to this map ]
  • -. I used to have two branches ( for instance, western sydney and Eastern sydney - just as an example, A Branch is in Penrith, B Branch is in Bondi Junction. ) with each website. Definately both of them have similar keywords related to 'iphone repair service'. Yes, Google didn't allow me to run those campaigns because of Double serving policy. 
  • -. iPhone repair business is very local targeting biz. the customers from each branch are not far from each branch location. most of them are within 10~20km. ( For example, Sydney CBD customers won't come to Penrith for iphone repair service. ) 
There are two points what I want to discuss 

@1. if Google Australia Adwords can allow Local with PostCode targeting ( like USA - Get Local with ZIP Code targeting from June, 2012), my two branches' Campaigns won't violate 'Double Serving Policy'

@2. if Google Australia Adwords doesn't allow very specific location targeting ( 10~20km range ), it'll bring 'unfair quality score calculation issue' based on the density of population and business character.  ( refer to my msg @ this community  my theory is included. ) 

I love Google Adwords so much because it brings customers to my business. 
However there are something I'd like Google Adwords to improve in terms of Fair Competition
I learnt many things by mistakes though. Probably my messages here might have some misunderstanding & less knowledge of google adwords. If you see them, please correct me and share your tips & tricks. 
I appreciate your attention. 

Have a great sunday. 

Re: how can I know ebay's secrets to show multiple ads at the same search results ?

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Badged Google Partner

Let me clarify my previous response. In the screen shot you presented, there was only one product ad, but multiple text ads. That doesn't mean that "there can be only one" product ad. There can in theory, or in reality depending on the SERP layout and ad landscape, be more than one product ad, just as there is more than one text ad. In the example I saw (screen shots Tom, screen shots!) there were two product ads, in the position of the one that your screen shot showed. 


So, the principle as interpreted, in theory of the policy is essentially that no company can have any more than one paid ad per page, on google SERP's.


The practice is that no company can have more than one paid ad, of one ad type, per google SERP result.


It's just that simple captain. There's no big secret to it. Get your product feed, and product ads up and running.







Re: Double Serving on SERP

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My understanding of the lately revised double serving policy is that it does not differentiate/ distinguish between product ads and text ads for that matter. (All considered equal when double serving is applied)



I read your other post on location targeting : Though the help center explains that in Australia location targeting can reach up to a city level, I am not certain that this is really accurate. I would say that you are most likely to be able to target only by regions. (States? Territories?)




Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: how can I know ebay's secrets to show multiple ads at the same search results ?

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I'll try 'product listing ad'. I haven't considered 'iphone repair' as a product before. 


I found the following information related to [Product Ads]

'Using product listing ads and product extensions together'

It looks like Australia is not ready yet ? 


but "Google Adwords: Product Ads" page shows Australia is available...


Thank you so much Tom. you gave me a new briliant idea. 



I searched "iphone screen protector". 

Hi Tom, can you let me know the type of Ad from #1~ #3 ? 

I think

#1 will be 'Product extension Ad type' ( why it doesn't have photo ? ).

#2 is 'Product listing Ad type'.... but not sure. 


Anyway This result is really awesome. 


The other question is... 

How does Google tell Product Ad vs Service Ad ? 

I mean 'iphone repair' is service not product, right ? also 'iphone screen replacement' is service.

but eBay product ad was shown... humm... Aha!!


If Google Adwords doesn't tell Product vs Service clearly, I can make the plan like this.. 

-> Get account @ Google Merchant Center 

-> List my iphone repair services as products (?).. 

-> I can get multiple Ads @ SERP result. 


Well, I found this link... at the bottom of page...

The following product categories may not be submitted for listing in Google Product Search:

  • Event tickets
  • Vehicles
  • Services


What does it mean "may not be" ? it means 'may be ok'? 


If I try this method, Would I take any risk? 


I really appreciate this community to discuss this kind of issue together.  





I found

Google Product Search policies

Marketplaces, Aggregators and Individual Marketplace Sellers


I assume there are special policies more for marketplaces.

Re: Double Serving on SERP

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thank you for reading my post. 

Yes, Australia location targeting can only reach up to a city level. 

If like USA - Zipcode level, my Question ( Quality Score calculation issue ) to Google Adwords will be solved. 

And I believe Google realized this issue that's why USA customers can target at zipcode level now. 

I wish it could happen in Australia ASAP. 


Re: Double Serving on SERP

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Using product listing ads and product extensions together'

While product listing ads and product extensions are similar formats with similar setup requirements, they each have a slightly different audience focus. Product extensions allow you to include additional product information with a text ad that may more generally represent your business or services. Product listings are purely product-driven, and less focused on providing additional information about your business or offering to shoppers.

With both formats, you'll manage your ads and campaign in AdWords, while you'll manage your product information through a Google Merchant Center account. Both of these formats can and should be used together for you to get the most benefit when you advertise your products with AdWords.



This is Awesome. 

If Product extensions ad type allows me to include 'iphone repair' services and Product listings Ad type also allows me to include 'iphone screen replacement' like what eBay did. 

I can get the most benefit when I advertise my 'iphone repair services' with Adwords. 


Does it make sense ? right ? 



I searched 'iphone screen replacement' again tonight... plz check below, especially Ads at the right hand side... Wow.. 

4 Ads are shown (,,, ) 


Based on my current research, I can think of my 3 possible Ads @ SERP like what eBay did. 


What do you think it's possible ? ^__^ Heart