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hey is someone there?

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i dont get it

I spent $5 a day for the keywords...

now what does that get me exactly?!?!?


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Re: hey is someone there?

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Hi musickeyes, and welcome to the forum.


It's going to be very difficult for us to help you without some more details of what problems you're experiencing.  Are you running an Adwords campaign?  Are you receiving clicks?  Visits to your website?


Some more details will let us help you.



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Re: hey is someone there?

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Hi musickeyes,


That pays for clicks on your ad. Clicks result in visits to your landing page (desstination URL). You then have the opoportunity to "convert" the lead into a sale, or a newsletter sign-up, or what ever action you define as a conversion.


It's completely up to you to choose the right keywords, write "compelling" ad copy, and create a landing page that makes your offer irresistable and your campaign a success.


Best of Luck!





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