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have signed up for google adwords but do not see my ads why

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Signed up for google ad words last night - Do not see ads running why

Re: have signed up for google adwords but do not see my ads why

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi there CC B, 


There could be several reasons why you're not seeing your ads. One thing I would recommend checking would be the Ad Preview Tool as this lets you see if your ads are running and if they aren't why they aren't running. Please bear in mind that you won't always see your ads everytime you search for your keywords. 


I'd also check that you have your billing set up correctly and that there are no issues there. If you have a billing issue there is usually a red bar at the top of the page letting you know what the issue is. 


I'd also check your ads tab, and make sure that your ads are not disapproved. If you hover over the speech bubble in the ad itself you should get some further info as to the status of the ad. 


I hope this helps a little, if you're still having a problem with this after checking these steps, please let the Community know and we'll try and help further.