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google widget search

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Is the search result on Google Search Widget ( mobile or tablet ) same as normal google search on desktop, laptop?
I have 2 campaigns and the ads can be shown successfully on normal google search ie at But it couldnt be shown recently on Google Search Widget on mobiles when I made my selected keywords search.
Any suggestion on how to make the ads work again on Google Search App.

Re: google widget search

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Hello Rick,


Welcome to the AdWords Community.


Ideally when the users enters the search query on he may see different ads for the same Query across different devices based on the targeting methods of the account, Some Advertisers may bid aggressively on Mobile devices and some may Not. So if you search on mobile device, you may find their ads and again when you search for the same query from laptop or computer, you may not find them again.


However, I am hoping your bids are sufficient for the ads to be displayed on all devices. Sometimes, when you search on Mobile or Tablet, the default settings have Location Services turned ON, and the system considers the present location of your device ( Mobile or Tablet does not have a fixed location) and show ads targeted to that present location. May be this is the reason you are not finding your ads.


Also, if you have repeated searches on your Mobile and Tablet, saw the ads and never click on them then the ads will be stopped from serving to that device.  What you can do is use the Google Ad Preview tool, and search for your keywords and Type the Search Term, select the Location and Device of your choice and it will show you the exact same results. I would always recommend you to search from the Ad Preview tool and search rather than It is because, if you do repeated searches and not click on them, the ads will be stopped from serving to that device. You can read more here.


Hope this Helps.

- Prashanth Reniguntala


Re: google widget search

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Hi Rick,

One thing to consider is that there is less available space on the mobile SERP. I would use the "segment by device view" to see if you are getting any impressions and, if so, in what position. You might want to consider adjusting your mobile bid modifiers in order to get more traffic.

Also, it's highly suggested that you implement mobile-preferred ads and site links and that your landing pages are optimized for mobile devices.

Hope this helps!