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google sponsored ads

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Hey everyone,


I'm quite new to GSP ads. Could you please recommend me the best practices?

Thank you

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Re: google sponsored ads

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Hey Clare, how are things?


Since we're talking about GSP, I think that best practices are more regarded towards the Ads rather than set up it self.


For the set up, this page covers everything you need to know:


Now for the ads. I guess that it covers almost every best practice of Adwords in general:


  • Provide useful information to the user. Be relevant
  • Use of creative e-mail titles to catch the attention of the user. Do not be deceptive, deliver what you want, connecting the title with your e-mail content.
  • Be clear about what you're advertising and what do you expect the user to do for you
  • Use CLEAR call-to-actions and incite emergency if it's applicable (Just for two more days! Buy now) (again, don't be deceptive, use it if you're really close o schedule)
  • Connection between Title > E-mail Content > Landing Page content is what wil make the user have a great experience. Deliver what you're advertising 

Well, those are somethings I can think of in terms of the ad itself.


Hope this can help.



Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: google sponsored ads

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Hi @Clare H,


In addition to the helpful insights from Leandro, I would like to point you to a mistake that I have seen several people make.


Make sure to include targeting such as keywords, topic or audience. Do not simply include and as your placements and leave everything else. Including these two placements are necessary to run GSP. But do not leave the targeting just with these two placements.  It makes the campaign tooo broad. You should ideally be targeting a combination, may be topics with keywords or keywords with audiences?



My two cents. 


Ratan Jha


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Re: google sponsored ads

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Hey Leonardo & Rathan

Thank you for the useful tips.

My email templates still need massive development. I was just A/B testing to see how GSP like. I am using specific remarketing list and keyword targeting. I have received high number of clicks but no conversions.

I am going to have to work on the template a lot more and hopefully it is going to work.

I have not targeted topics yet but will definitely add those to my lists.

Thanks for the help!