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Two questions: Can I see a sample or two of existing ads?

I do Microsoft Excel training, what catahory should I be using?

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Hi Gribbin,


Just key in excel training and perform a Google search; a few ads will show up. A few examples 4u.


  1. MS Excel 2010 Skills

    Learn Vital MS Excel Skills Online With Our Free Self-Paced Course!
  2. Advanced Excel VBA 

    Advanced Excel, Coding, User Forms Hands-on, 4-Day Training by Expert
  3. Free computer training 

    Get smart computer training and courses online. Register now!
    If you wish to advertise on the Search Network you don't need to select anything like cats. On the Display Network, however, you'll be able to select the options you prefer. Read the intro about it:

    Display Network


Re: general

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Hi gribbin77, to follow up on Lakatos' reply, I'll add some caution.


Your key issue with advertising your service is relevancy.  As I'm sure you can appreciate, a keyword such as "microsoft excel" is going to have a huge number of hits, most of which will not be about training.  You're going to need to do a fair bit of work on keywords, match types and negatives in order to ensure your Ad(s) trigger only on those people looking for MS Excel training.


I would go as far to suggest that you consider discarding some keywords for this search.  You have to bear in mind that Google gets a lot of searches per day.  I mean, a lot.  It's often worth picking out the more relevant queries rather than trying to cast a wider net.  Help and advice with Microsoft products is a massive market so you're going to have to narrow it down to ensure you capture people for whom your services are very relevant.  It's probably worth narrowing by location - even if your services are online and effectively global - because I'd wager there will be a lot of responses to your ads and if you've got a choice, go local.


Please come back to us with more details if you can - a website URL would be great - and we'll try and give more specific advice.



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Re: general

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Hi gribbin77;


My two fellows covered creativity (Lakatos ) and relevancy (Jon).


Don't forget AdWords Policy: Excel and Microsoft are registered trade-names of the Microsoft group of companies,

You cannot have these names shown in the ad-text, without authorization from Microsoft.


Read more:

AdWords Trademark Policy


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