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for displaying ads on searches from mobile devices

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Just by creating a text on "search network"do the ads appear on mobile devices?, or should I create an ad seperately for mobile ads?

Re: for displaying ads on searches from mobile devices

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Your text ad on Search will by default appear on all  Mobile Devices. But they appear differently on Mobile Device. So its advised to create separate ad to look great on the small screen with Mobile optimized Landing Page .To do so, select the "Mobile" checkbox next to the "Device preference" setting. If your ad groups contain ads that are eligible to appear on all devices and mobile-optimized ads, only your mobile preferred ads will appear on mobile devices.


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All new campaigns are automatically eligible to run on most mobile devices. If you’d like to avoid showing ads on mobile, you can set a negative bid adjustment for mobile.


Create Mobile Ads

    • Start by creating ad extensions, - Location Extension & CALL Extension. If they perform better than your description text, your ad extensions will appear when your ads show on mobile devices.
    • Keep your description lines short and sweet.  Keep these lines under 35 characters to make them easy to read on smaller screens.
    • Consider mobile-preferred ads. To get your message across in less space, try writing description text that is short, direct, and highly relevant to people on the go. Check the "Mobile" box when creating your new mobile-optimized ad to let AdWords know it should show on mobile devices.

Preeti Rao