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final url

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Hi I run a franchise & have no control over the website my franchisee maintains, including the 'sub-pages' that refer to my relatively small area of London that my services cover. But I have full control over my adwords campaigns.


They recently made major changes to the website & the previous local pages referring directly to my area have moved from, to

Using the old URL, now brings up a page with extremely generic information on it, instead of my usual very local information.


My clicks have fallen through the floor since this happened & my average ad positon has also fallen horribly. I've been desperate to understand why.


Do I need to make wholesale changes to my ads to reflect the new web page that contains all the details of my services and the local areas that I cover, using the 'final url' option ?


Desperate for help !

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Re: final url

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Hi Teresa,

Have you looked at the Quality Score of your keywords? My guess is that your old URLs are causing your quality scores to decrease - thereby causing your bid not to be as competitive in the auction costing you clicks due to lower ad positions. If you hover over the little speech bubble beside your keyword status, do you see landing pages as having below average, average, or above average rating?

It sounds like you'd be best to change out your URL to the new one. In order to do that, you should put the new URL in the final URL field for all of the ads that you want to change. If your ads haven't already transitioned to final URL, you should delete whatever remains in the destination URL field whenever you add a new URL to the 'final URL' cell.

Hope this helps!

Re: final url

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The obvious reason to this as per my understanding is that earlier you were targeting pages specific to your area with more details. But now that the website has been changed and you have more generic information as compared to the specific details that you had in the past, this would have make the difference here.


So the alternative would be to change the Final URLs to the ones that are more specific and provide more specific information, so that you keep up in the competition during the ad auction.


Also, did you make any other changes to your account in terms of keywords matching, negative keywords etc...?


Review the change history report and identify the changes and see if that's the case here.


Also run the search terms report and see if the queries you are getting now are more generic compared to old data when you were in a good position.


My 2 cents!