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excel not recognising adwords report format

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hi there, 


I've downloaded my first search terms report and noticed that in two columns I have data which I cannot Sort. The Date cannot be formatted or sorted as well as the Cost and average CPC.

DAte is currently in this format and cost is shown with another character infront of it.



Sep 6, 2016

and cost is in this format 


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Re: excel not recognising adwords report format

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Hey Tony,


This isn't a lot of information but I will do my best to help based on what I know.


Date: If I input "Sep 6, 2016" as text into cell A1 then I can turn it into a standard (and sortable date) by using this formula in an adjacent cell =TEXT(A1,"mm/dd/yy")


Cost: There are a couple potential solutions for this:

  1. Delete the currency from all numbers by doing a find and replace (ctrl+h). Find "€" and replace with "".
  2. In an adjacent cell, try dividing the value of the cost by 1. This sometimes works by forcing excel to treat the value like a number.
Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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excel not recognising adwords report format

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Um no. We need a date format - not a text format. 


And it's happening again with the new reporting tables in Google Ads. It's so frustrating. All of my dashboard are now not working. And I'm wasting time trying to figure this out ans find a fix. 


When removing the comma space year in excel, from "Jul 31, 2018"  for example, it suddenly changes to 01/07/2031. what is that? makes absolute no sense.