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e commerce remarketing.

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I want to do my e commerce website ad on google and most imp. on youtube in which viewer will see my ad on the side of the video player and in the video after 20 sec. ad comes , i think is called overlay image ads ? So can u plz. reply to my these queries -

-Google ads works for what - cpc,ppc,impressions ?
-Can i see any tutorial or an expert can guide me through so that i can create image ad campaign on youtube in minimum price.
-How to set minimum bid so that it will not cost much.
-How to target my audience on youtube so that only they will see my ads.Is this occurs like facebook in which we choose targeted emails or something like that ?
-U dont charge if someone skip skipable ads , but how much u charge if they dont skip or say they click and lands to my site.
-If i want to advertise through my video ads and i already made 13 sec video ad now can u plz. tell how can i advertise it on youtube.

p.s M newbie so want genuine replies from the experts , i want to put campaign asap therefore m selecting with which advertising network platform to go plz. reply one by one asap.
Thank You.


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Re: e commerce remarketing.

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Hi Abhi,

Taking one by one

-Google Ads works in both CPC & CPM models. And for video its CPV model. You can choose the model based on your interest. I will suggest you start with CPC
-For using image ads in Youtube hope this Adwords help center article help you

-To set up the minimum bid, Normally, you can use Google Display planner and find a suggested bid. I am sure that wont help you, So start with a bid you can afford to pay for one click and then wait for couple of days and change according to the actual cost you are getting..

-Targeting audience is explained is the article i have mentioned above

-For non skipable ads you will be charged only when someone watches your video up to 30 seconds or to the end of the video with out skipping it. Your will be charged how based on how much you bid. Clicks on Youtube video ad is free of cost.

-For creating a Youtube ad you can start from reading this article and this video


Since your video is less than 15 seconds you can run them as non skipable also. Non Skipable ads are created through Display campaigns. Will share the details if you are interested..

Re: e commerce remarketing.

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M asking all my doubts therefore i took 2 days to select all queries and my problems.Plz. help me to clarify these things one by one and help me to run my first ad campaign on google.

- Let say i want to spend penny for bid then whats the difference between suggested and mine bid ?

-Is there any difference between adwords campaigns for mobile and desktop ?

-I read on ur article that i cant add the whole channels for target , is it mean i have to all videos url which i want to target cutomers,is not it hard and weird ? And the ads m seeing on youtube is means that who ever is running them is doing these by adding videos urls ?

-Can u tell me how to do this ads , the example m showing u is having 4 layers in one day in which all 4 have different landing page-

- See this pic , i marked in points.
1)Can u tell me if i want to do only image ads then i can do that in display and in search with display right ? Then whats the difference in these 2 categories.
2)What is this shopping campaigns ,if i want to do my online shopping site campaign then i should i use the shopping ad option or display ad option ? ANd what is the difference between google merchant and google adwords ?
3)If i want to do the video ad as i discussed with u above then which option should i select , why there r 3 options ?

P.s- I m totally confused which to select whom to go with , if i pay then can u help me in ad campaign ?

Re: e commerce remarketing.

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- Suggested bid is an estimated bid Google suggest you to start bidding for your campaigns.. But still you can bid lesser than that amount and wait for sometime to see if your ads are running on that bid. Dont worry to bid the suggested amount, you won't be charged that much. often you will find that your actual Cost per click is very lesser than your bid. In that case you can decrease your bid to an amount closer to your actual cpc..

- Normally your campaigns will target mobile and desktop. If you need to target more on mobile, you can consider increasing your bids for mobile. To do that go to campaign settings>Devices. There you can increase or decrease bids for mobile.. If you dont want to show ads on mobile, decrease bids by 100% is the easy way

- Adwords targeting is not done based on urls, you dont have to enter url of all pages you want your ads to show.. Instead there are various targeting options like interests,topics,placements,keywords etc.
If you want to target certain people who are interested in your product you can target them based on their interest. For example if you are a builder and you want to show ads to people who are interested in real estate, you can create an ad group, choose targeting as interests, and add Real Estate as a targeting.
If you want to target certain category of websites, you can do that based on the topic of the website. Again if you are a builder, you can target topics like real estate.. Then Google will identify websites based on that topic and show ads on matching urls..
Also you can target webpages with certain content. Again if your are a builder you can target using keywords like flats,apartments etc. then Google will find websites with those words in content and show ads on them..

-- This is Google display ad targeting YouTube as a placement.. If you want to create a similar ad, create a display campaign, choose YouTube as a targeted placement. May be use some other targeting based on your business. Here The ad creative is not manually created, its created using the Ad gallery in Adwords.. You will find tutorials to create ads like that..

1) If you are running image ads only, go for Display Network Only.. Search with Display meas the ads will show in Google Search and follow the user and may show up in other websites too as display text ads..
2) I am not an expert in shopping campaigns.. Its slightly more difficult as far as my experience.. you better try your help here and here

3) If you want to run video ads, choose video.. I dont understand whats confusing here..


Ps : Sorry, that help is beyond the community guidelines i think. Smiley Happy

If you have a good budget and long term plans you can go to Google Partners Portal Here and get help of a certified Google Partners Agency in your location.. Hope that helps..

Re: e commerce remarketing.

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Thanks jithin for ur reply.

-As m new , I dont know is it against the rules of adwords community to give personal info or not.
If interested in doing my campaigns in exchange of some money , can contact me on this email id <edited by a Community Manager as noted below>

-Where can i see the full tutorial or can u provide me the video links to make these type of ad campaign for youtube display ads.

-And one more thing i want to know is can i run campaign through 2 or 4 or say 10 adwords account ?
I mean lets say m running campaign for my site and some other guys is helping me and also running campaigns for the same site of mine , so is this possible ?


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